Public Diplomacy Resources

Source(s) of information used in preparation for on-the-ground research in March 2015.


Consulate General of the Republic of Indonesia – Los Angeles

U.S. Embassy Jakarta 

Current Ambassador to Indonesia – Robert O. Blake Jr.

@America – U.S. Tech Cultural Center in Jakarta

Indonesia Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Indonesia Ministry of Communication and Information Technology

Indonesia Ministry of Religious Affairs

International Organization for Migration – Jakarta

Institute for Peace and Democracy at Udayana University

IDEP Foundation

Trails of Indochina – Southeast Asia Tour Operator



Permanent Mission of the Republic of Indonesia 

U.S. Relations with Indonesia

Indonesia Pew Research

New President “Jokowi” Needs to Revamp Indonesian Public Diplomacy  USC Center on Public Diplomacy Blog, 2014

The Public Diplomacy of Emerging Powers: Insights from Indonesia and Turkey  Ellen Huijgh, Center on Public Diplomacy Research Fellow 2013-15

Indonesia: “A Thousand Friends,” But No BFF  USC Center on Public Diplomacy Blog, 2014

The Public Diplomacy of Obama’s Indonesia Visit  USC Center on Public Diplomacy

Obama in Indonesia: An Abbreviated but Potent Homecoming  USC Center on Public Diplomacy

Soft Power and Indonesian Language in Australia  USC Center on Public Diplomacy, 2014

Cultural Diplomacy in Emerging Markets  USC Center on Public Diplomacy, 2014

Reflection of the U.S. Public Diplomacy in Indonesia post 9/11: A Case of Concerted Muslims Outreach (2012)  Public Diplomacy Council

Public Diplomacy and Domestic Dimension  Ellen Huijgh, Netherlands Institute of International Relations 

Diplomacy in an Age of Faith  Foreign Affairs, 2008

Soft Islam: Indonesia’s Interfaith Mission for Peace in the Middle East  Middle East Institute, 2014

Is Indonesia losing the race?  Jakarta Post, 2014



Jokowi’s Jinks  The Economist, 2015 

The World Leader in Mobile Facebook Access? Indonesia  The Wall Street Journal, 2015

OnePlus Partners With Lazada to Launch in Indonesia  Tech Crunch TV, 2015 

Australia’s foreign aid cuts could affect Indonesia’s ability to handle a tsunami  Jakarta Post, 2008

Experts Say Radicalism Hampers Indonesia’s Public Diplomacy  Jakarta Post, 2008

Fixing Indonesia’s image problem  Jakarta Post, 2008

Obama Meets Indonesian Leader Widodo at APEC Forum  The Wall Street Journal, 2014

Meet the Obama of Indonesia  Fortune, 2014

‘Indonesia’s Obama’ is Actually Nothing of the Sort  Time, 2014

The tragedy of Indonesia’s “international diplomacy”  Jakarta Post, 2012

A Missing Jet and the Truth about Indonesia’s Troubled Aviation History  The Washington Post, 2014 

AirAsia Plane Climbed “Too Fast,” Indonesia Says  The World Post, 2015

Indonesian rescuers fail again to lift fuselage of AirAsia  Yahoo News, 2015

Indonesia takes on China  Jakarta Post, 2015

Indonesia’s Execution of Foreigners Prompts Diplomatic Storm  The New York Times, 2015

For Indonesians, President’s Political Outsider Status Loses its Luster  The New York Times, 2015

After 100 Days, Indonesia’s President is Tested but Still Goes to the People  CNN, 2015

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